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19th May 2015, 8:11 AM in 1
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Jaymzeecat 19th May 2015, 8:11 AM edit delete
Here's your Wings Over Hyrule update for the week! I hope you guys enjoy Pit's "kid" design.

I can't help but feel I should have drawn the Great Deku Tree larger though. It's hard to get him in frame small enough to talk to Pit, but large enough that Pit and Link and can walk inside him later, haha.

I'm very close to pulling the trigger on my Kickstarter campaign to fund a printed Willem book. I'm working on a couple little things but it should be happening within the next four weeks.

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This is a fan comic and work of parody. All characters and settings belong to Nintendo.
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catfire13 19th May 2015, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
you think deku nuts will fall?
Jaymzeecat 19th May 2015, 9:48 AM edit delete reply
Haha! They should have!
catfire13 20th May 2015, 8:42 PM edit delete reply
Zor15 21st May 2015, 6:40 AM edit delete reply
Pit's so cute in this form.
Jaymzeecat 21st May 2015, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
I agree! :)
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